The Moo Family Ranch

The Moo Family Ranch

Welcome to our home. You can call me Maw , I just picked these flowers , aren't they purty? Paw is out there tendin' to Bessie now. The lil' one sittin' over yonder, that's Jethro with his cat, Moo Moo Kitty .

Pull up a and grab ya some CHICKEN chow mein or maybe a piece of .

Get comfy and enjoy the view. Just don't pay no attention to Paw's hangin' out there on the line. I just did the laundry.

Ya know, on a clear night you can see the and . We like to sit out here on the porch with our friends and have ourselves a lil hoedown . Well, enjoy yur stay.

Oh, yeah. This is our owner. If you wanna see her in real life, click here.

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